Tutorials - Torchat

This tutorial will show you how to update TorChat's old Windows version. Without following these steps you won't be able to use TorChat to communicate with non-Windows users or Windows users who already updated their TorChat. If you currenlty have contacts on torchat, make sure they update too, because they won't be able to contact you if they don't.

Sorry for using a German copy of Windows for this tutorial. But I think the steps are self-explaining even without understanding the texts.

If you haven't installed TorChat yet, you can download TorChat here

The first time you start it, it looks like this:
TorChat on first start

When you add a contact with a recent tor version, you only see a blue symbol. This means you can contact the contact, but your contact won't connect back (because of your old tor version):
TorChat with a contact on a new version

If you don't already have TorBrowser, download TorBrowser here:
Download TorBrowser

Install it somewhere:
Install TorBrowser

Copy all the files in the Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Tor directory:
Copy Tor files

Past the files in your TorChats bin\Tor directory and confirm the overwrite tor.exe dialog:
Override Tor files in TorChat

Optionally you can delete the hidden_service directory, to generate a new id. Or you can delete the tor_data directory, to make sure, tor downloads fresh directory information and doesn't use stale data.

Now you can open TorChat and wait for it to connect. (If you skipped the optional last step, your TorChat id will still be the same, but I wanted a new one) This is what it now should look like:
Working TorChat with latest Tor version