New domain - DanWin1210.Me is now DanWin1210.De

Why this sudden and drastic change?

In mid-October I noticed that I was locked out of my registrars control panel (Namecheap Inc.) for "suspected fraud, a chargeback or some similar violation of our terms of service". After contacting their customer support, all I have heard so far is that I will hear from them soon and they appreciate my patience. However, after several weeks of waiting, I asked them to manually extend my domain, which is about to expire. They refused until my account issue is solved... Well then I thought I could request an auth code and move to a different registrar, right? Ehm no, they refused again and would get back to me with further options, once they have an update.

Given that my old domain is about to expire in just a few days, I went ahead and bought the new domain, to switch over to. will most likely go offline after expiry (2021-12-07 06:20:05 UTC) unless Namecheap is suddenly going to respond/prevents the domain from going offline.

Update 2021-12-07: After replying to the 24 hour renewal notice and linking to this public statement, Namecheap support offered an alternative renewal option. I had to create a new account, deposit the renewal fee and proof ownership of the new account. After everything was done as they asked me to, renewal was deferred until approval from their risk management team. On 2021-12-07 10:16:09 UTC (shortly after expiry) the renewal was executed and the domain is back online. However, I'm still locked out of my account until further notice...

What does it mean for users?

You don't have an account and just browse the site? Not much will change, just the address in your browsers URL bar.

You are using the XMPP/E-Mail service? I'm sorry, but this will likely cause you some struggles, as you now only have a few days left to migrate all your contacts/accounts to the new address. Any service where you registered with your email address will need to be updated to reflect the new domain. You might otherwise get locked out of your accounts, if they require you to e.g. click a link in your email for login. (Still recommended, but no longer necessary. See update above)

E-Mail users should also update their PGP key in their account settings to reflect the new domain and allow WKD clients to grab your key automatically.

You can still login with your .me user credentials, but the account is going to be .de. As long as the old domain is still online, you can also receive emails on the .me domain, while sending is switched over to .de

XMPP users will most likely notice their account stopped working. Unfortunately there is no easy way to migrate accounts with prosody (the XMPP server), as there is with email. You will need to update your account settings to reflect the new domain in order to login and re-connect with all your buddies.

Will the old address still work?

After a very brief downtime, it is back online. See the update above.

I have a question, something is broken with my account.

Make sure you have switched all your settings to the new domain. It should work as before. Stil not working correctly? Feel free to contact me for help.

How do I know you are still the same person? This could be law enforcement taking over the servers.

I have taken the opportunity to create a new PGP key and signed it with my old PGP key. This can be verifyed by running a command like this:

curl -s | gpg --import && gpg --list-sigs 222FCC3F35C41077
It should show proof that it is signed by my old key F8B8CFC35FBDB40D. I have also included signatures of previous keys on my old key, so you can even verify the key, in case you have an older key I was using before. As long as google hasn't updated their copy of my key, you can also verify that my old key is really the same as was on my site before, see Google Cache (Note the key text looks different, as this one doesn't include any extra signatures, but it is the same key ID).