About me

Hello, my name is Daniel Winzen. In my free time I read a lot of books or translate and program open source computer programs.
Programming languages I can already code are mainly PHP, SQL, Java, C/C++, Linux shell and I also know some basics of Perl, Python, Haskel, Prolog, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Before I got into coding, I contributed German translation to various Open Source projects since the end of 2011.

Profiles on other sites that I am active on:

About this site

This is my personal onion site, that I develop in my free time. I started development of this site in August or September 2013 when I wanted to have a platform to host files on, to use at school.
Quickly the idea of using a chat at school came up and I came across a simple perl chat script called LE-CHAT. When I deployed that on my Raspberry Pi it was running very slowly and wasn't really usable for use with several people. So I decided to port some parts I needed to PHP.
This has been the start for me to get deeper into web-development and I have since open-sourced that chat script and several other scripts of this site on my GitHub account. Since then I have added many new features and improved reliability and my code a lot.
You can use this site to upload/download files, check whether an onion service is online, shorten urls, chat with others, get an anonymous email address and XMPP account, host your own website on Tor or simply browse through my huge list of known onion websites.

About the setup

Up until January 2017 I was using a Raspberry Pi first generation with 256MB RAM with an ARMv6 processor running at 700MHz and an 8GB SD-Card. I have since upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 3 with 1GB RAM and an Quadcore 1.2GHz Processor using a 128GB micro SD-Card. Now with also providing hosting of sites, I made another hardware upgrade and got myself a dedicated server with 32GB RAM, a Quadcore i7-2600 CPU running at 3.40GHz and two 3TB hard drives in a raid0 array.
Most services have been migrated to the new dedicated server, but some services still reside on the Raspberry Pi 3 at my home (mainly E-Mail, XMPP and a few pages, like this about). The software I use are Debian sid running NginX, MariaDB, Dovecot, Postfix, Postfixadmin, Squirrelmail, PHP-fpm (versions 7.0 and 7.1), cURL, Prosody, Tor, ssh and Wireguard.
The clearnet gateway on danwin1210.de is an NginX Proxy that will forward all requests to the server the specific service requested is hosted on. It runs an OpenVPN server for both, TCP and UDP to interconnect my servers and additionally runs a Postfix instance only listening on the VPN network to send out mails to clearnet. Incoming mail is directly stream-forwarded to my mail server at home. To prevent abuse, the clearnet facing mail server has ClamAV and Spamasassin daemons running to filter out bad mail.

Hosting providers I use(ed) and servers hosted there:

If you like, what I built here, you can support me by donating via Monero: 432Z3PTrRso52GHHpmPRpvLhecsnc7EFsVd2TzsCJaNmK4vivDxghRB5yVCj2nzCEGajeF3rBqJ43PcpxRnvZkMs49fufzD , Ethereum: 0xFbd055EEeA3b5a3459FeC6A8FAe631305b1079A0 , Dash: XuZGhWsmf61UXTwBB4QBKx7BhirPjiw7yX , USD Pax: 0xFbd055EEeA3b5a3459FeC6A8FAe631305b1079A0 , Stellar GB5AXS4QWXM3ZVZCHVHC5QJTUGXOUKIVX4WR5AXD23EAI43NWZ6XTUAW or Bitcoin: 1K918TvvE4PMPzPuZT7zSDAQV4ZNUjHBm5