Earning money with findom


What is findom?

Findom, short for financial domination. It is a fetish in which a dominant person (dom) receives money from a submissive person (sub). This transaction provides pleasure to both parties, even though it is a one-way transaction.

What are the risks of engaging in findom?

For a sub, engaging in findom carries the risk of losing money and control. It can become addictive and lead to overspending, financial instability or homelessness. For a dom an unhealthy relationship with money could form, given that they receive potentially a lot of it, and are tempted to spend all of it. Once a sub no longer spends money on the dom, this could lead to an existential crisis due to high expenses that need to be maintained.

What are the benefits of findom?

As a sub, you will be motivated to earn more money and climb the career ladder faster than you would normally do because you are constantly challenged to give more to your dom. For doms, it is financial gain.

What is a findom relationship like?

Findom relationships come in various forms. Some are short-lived, one-time transactions, while others can span many years. While findom is purely financial, it is also often combined with BDSM, content creation and other erotic services. Some subs enjoy paying for online shopping or buying over-priced feet pictures, others will go shopping with their dom in real life, and some would like to be humiliated in public. A scenario could involve a debt contract, in which the sub commits to paying off a debt to their dom for an extended period in monthly instalments.

How to live in a healthy findom relationship?

Everyone is unique, so your specific needs need to be discussed with your findom partner. It is important that both of you are happy with it. While some subs and doms favour a fast one-time transaction, it is usually best for both parties, if a long-term relationship can be established. To maintain a healthy relationship, the dom needs to know a subs financial situation, including income, expenses and spending habits. This knowledge allows the dom to help the sub reduce expenses, increase income and ultimately hand over more cash to the dom, without risking serious debt problems. While it is an entertaining thought to some subs, ending up homeless is not beneficial to anyone.

Where do I find a findom partner?

If you are curious to try this fetish out or would like to thank me, you can donate or buy me an item from my Amazon wishlist. For a more long-term experience, see the links below.

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