How to have a successful sugar dating relationship


What is sugar dating?

Stereotypically a sugar daddy is a wealthy older man, who's looking for an attractive young woman, the so-called sugar baby. An attractive man looking for their sugar mommy or sugar daddy is called a sugar boy. A sugar dating relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship. Unlike traditional dating, partners aren't selected for love or a hook-up, but rather to help each other. Sugar partners have an agreement, on what each partner wants from the other, and what their boundaries are. This is called an arrangement.

How to get to an arrangement?

Everyone is unique, so your arrangement needs to be discussed with your sugar partner. Typically an arrangement involves the wealthy partner providing financial help, or mentoring to their partner, who in turn will come along to business meetings, and parties or give their partner company for a few hours a month. An arrangement can also include sexual favours, which are often asked for by men. However, this must be consensual, and if you as a sugar baby do not feel comfortable with it, then you shouldn't do it. Think about your priorities, what you need and what you could give to your partner. Fill out your dating profile with enough details, so that you can find your match. Once you've found your potential partner, discuss each of your expectations and come to an arrangement that suits you both.

What are the risks of sugar dating?

Just like with regular dating, you should be comfortable around your partner and enjoy each other's company. If you don't feel well around your partner, it will ruin the experience for both of you, so you should better end it sooner than later. Coming out as a sugar daddy or sugar baby can be difficult as some people still think of it negatively and will criticise you for it. It's also possible that as a provider you feel cheated of your money at a later point in time, or as a sugar baby you could feel sexually exploited if you agreed to sex just because of the money. That's why it's so important to be communicative with your sugar partner and form an arrangement that both of you are happy with.

What are the benefits of sugar dating?

As sugar dating is mutually beneficial, both parties involved get something out of it. There will be no drama, and by discussing each of your needs and expectations, you avoid running into conflicts. It can be fun, and you will see things from a different perspective than you are used to. Unlike traditional dating, you don't have to spend significant time on a dating site, until you match with someone interesting. It can take only a few hours or days until you have found someone that matches you. Especially for men, it is so much easier to find a date, than on regular dating sites, simply because of the women-to-men ratio, plus women are less selective than on regular dating sites, given that the type of relationship is mutually beneficial and not necessarily romantic.

Where do I find a sugar partner?

You can potentially find your sugar partner on regular dating sites, but it will be difficult due to most dating sites restricting this type of dating and banning your accounts for using certain keywords. There are plenty of dating sites specifically made for sugar dating though. Usually, they are free for the attractive member, but the wealthy member has to pay to use the platform. This way the platform also filters out so-called salt daddies, who pretend to have money but do not.

Here are some popular sugar dating sites: