Hello, my name is Daniel Winzen, a german web developer and system administrator. This is my personal website, that I develop in my free time. This site is available as Tor hidden service or via my clearnet proxy To learn more about me and this site, check the about page.

This is just the landing page. You can navigate to the pages that interest you most, such as my free and anonymous mail service, by clicking on the entries in the navigation bar on the left.

You can download and/or contribute to my various open-source projects on GitHub.

If you like, what I've built here, you can support me by donating via Monero: 8AJ7wCCshe6Vni5VxQqDgR9VyghZx1ZTJP2gmpEBpi8S4ZbX91eBnGkdZbR1HBgS5pNSE2D7hKyYmDFcNRv26dA71wq7wqE or Bitcoin: 1Ba8AV59YtqbKBe7YMopjY9kd1e5QqKdsv . More options available, just contact me.