Daniel's Hosting shutdown after hack


In March 2020 a hacker deleted all databases related to my hosting, thus I was forced to shut down my hosting service. If you want to contribute or setup your own hosting, check out my open source project at https://github.com/DanWin/hosting.

Being a darknet hoster has taught me many things. However, this was a free time project I did next to my full time job and it's very time-consuming to try and keep the server clean from illegal and scammy sites. I've spent 10 times more time on deleting accounts than I could find time to continue development. At this time I do not plan on continuing the hosting project, but this doesn't have to be the end. There are other hosting providers like Ablative Hosting, Freedom Hosting Reloaded, OnionLand Hosting or a clearnet proxy service Clearnet Onion | Easy clearnet relay and my project is available for download, which should enable anyone willing to become the next darknet shared hosting provider to start where I left of.